Medialab-prado is located next to a peaceful square in the middle of busy Madrid. It has one of the few media facades mainly intended to show experimental projects.

Create visual experiences that influence the unique environment of the square and break away from the chaos of advertisements and billboards that populate the city.

ProgramaLaPlaza allows you to make projects using Processing in its web form to engage with the neighborhood and people in the square.
We usually have a big call for project each year, but feel free to use this web meanwhile (and check the previous projects in the gallery!)

Start coding! Browse the gallery

How To

  1. Create a Processing.js sketch

  2. Read the tips

  3. Send it to us!

If you need inspiration take a look to some things people have done:

Things to know

We'll capture video of the exhibited artwork displayed on the facade. If you are in Madrid you can come and see the exhibit in person.

Submitted sketches may include camera tracking or have simple phone interactions. Check out our examples!

Btw, the facade is a public infrastructure, we won't show any inappropiate content :)